• Confinement X-A-GO grids

    During the SARS-CoV-2 crisis, During the COVID-19 crisis,

    X-A-GO offers more free game grids especially for people being in confining situation.

    (Kids level to middle level)

    (Look at the game rules at the bottom)

    Send the following file(s) to your friends in all countries. Some of them would be pleased to spend some time playing this. (free broadcasting required)

    Further, we would be very pleased to find voluntary people to help us for translation of the rules in some other languages.

    Protect your health

    « X-A-GO-CONFIN-GRIDS-1.pdf »

    « X-A-GO-CONFIN-GRIDS-2.pdf »

    « X-A-GO-CONFIN-GRIDS-3.pdf »

    « X-A-GO-CONFIN-GRIDS-4.pdf »

    « X-A-GO-CONFIN-GRIDS-5.pdf »

    note: We have added the solutions in the five PDF above.


    Here the game rules:

    « XAGO-EN-Game-rules.pdf »

    « XAGO-FR-Regle-du-jeu.pdf »


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